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March monthly article from CEO Carlos Lara.

Proactivity is defined as the anticipated total control of behaviors, which lead to the iniciatives of creative actions development for making improvements, regardless of complications. Great british sage Disraeli said "if there´s no way, let´s create one", and this proactivity value is the one that achieves amazing results. With this behavior in action, the american soldier Rowan, who was called to deliver a message from the United States President for the commander in chief of the rebels, hid in the cuban mountains during the spanish - american war at the end of the XIX century,  was determined to deliver such the message despite the difficulties to get to the Caribbean island. As this analogy expresses, entrepreneurs must be proactive and achieve their short, medium, and long goals to beat the obstacles. Considering these words, now we can say proactivity is motivated by:

1) Clarity in the goal: Every great achivement starts with a dream; proactive person has developed the vision of an objective and many times the path is not clear, but the objective is capable to go further than the limits. Dr. Martin Luther King said, "I have a dream," and that phrase spread the philosophy about living in peace among different races as equals. 

2) Discipline as constant behavior: it takes people to generate new ideas and ways to do tasks, without losing track. This value adds creativity; at my company, we use the philosophy "Let´s Find a Way", and it´s a creativity and discipline detonator. The goal is to find the way to satisfy customers expectations.

3) Willingness: this distinctive is a basic value for performing tasks and decide the best move to achive goals.

We can conclude that proactivity is a habit based on discipline, originated on a dream, and fed with constant moves to achieve a goal. As Arthur Barker said, "Vision with no action is just a dream, a dream with no action is madness, and vision with action changes the world".