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Safety glasses are part of Personal Protective Equipment, here´s some important data about it

Eye protection is needed in different industrial and commerce activities, labs, construction, sports, driving, at home or even in leisure time. Human fragile eye is susceptible to suffer harms by three kinds of risks: mechanicals, chemical and radiation.

  • Mechanical risks. Involves fine and thick particles, dust, fibrous materials, hot liquids, among others.
  • Chemical risks. Dust, aerosols, liquids, fumes, gases and vapors. Paint, varnishing and lacquered work are doubly harmful because of the aggressive content. Consequences could be: conjunctivitis, eye burn and optic nerve or distortion.
  • Radiation risks. In outdoors work, radiation may cause cornea inflammation, cataracts and losing sight.

Acquiring a Safety glass is an investment from short to long terms; that´s why is important to identify a good one with ANSI Z.87.1.2010 regulation, to assure the requirements for your safety.


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